Policies & Accreditations


The framework for quality for clients is provided by contracts that are rigorously tested against both internal quality assurance protocols (QMS, activity-based management and the ECS knowledge management system - see schematic below) and external quality assurance audits from the following accreditation agencies:





Environmental policy

Environmental awareness and preservation are becoming increasingly important elements of the working environment. For many years workplaces have let their waste management and environmental responsibilities take a back seat however, European Cleaning Services has prided itself on not being one of the many and is pleased to work with clients who share the company's concern in protecting the environment and saving energy.

For ECS both of these are important management tasks when planning working procedures and selecting products to use.

For example, products used by ECS conform to the following criteria:

  • fully biodegradable;
  • no phosphates;
  • no chlorine bleaches;
  • no optical brighteners;
  • no enzymes;
  • no isoproponol;
  • no nonyl phenol ethoxylates;
  • no formaldehydes;
  • no butyl glycols;
  • use EC approved food dyes;
  • are classed under CHIP and COSHH regulations.

ECS promotes recycling within the office and uses a simple yet effective training programme for all new cleaning personnel This introduces them to their environmental responsibilities by training them to remember the three R's - reduce, reuse, recycle.

All companies should have an environmental policy and an environmental energy plan and ECS have already incorporated both into their Environmental Awareness Plan.


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Date Added 17/07/2018

European Cleaning Services are delighted to have been awarded the cleaning contract for Body Worlds

The brand-new and interactive London Museum, located in the heart of the city at the iconic London Pavilion.